Utility Shifting :

In the infrastructure projects, relocation or shifting of utilities is a crucial activity. SVR Electro is specialized in the cost-effective and on-time utility shifting within budget. We have served various important projects and significantly contributed to nation-building.

Key Area of Expertise :

  • Supply and erection
  • OHE works in the railway sector
  • Works under DDUGJY
  • Construction of substation EHT lines
  • Government, industrial, domestic and commercial building

    Scope of Work:

    • Successfully moving and re-installation of utilities for civil construction activity such as contour surveys, rebuilding, grading, and leveling.
    • Recognition of underground and above ground utilities such as towers, substations, water pipelines, electric cabling, telecom cabling, etc, for new construction activity.

    Coordination and resolving conflicts between relevant agencies owning or managing the utilities. Supplying utilities are not just vital for the completed development but also for the ongoing construction process.  Late supply of utility has been the major cause for the delay in construction projects, particularly on larger projects where the already constructed building need to be extended or reinforced. Despite the threats of fine and introduction of connection performance standards for suppliers, delay in utility shifting persists.

    Delays in utility shifting can take place due to the action or inaction of both developer and provider. SVR Electro has a record of shifting utilities on time and causing no delay in the construction process. How we avoid delays in utility shifting.

    • By an early exchange of information and confirmation of the ability to supply, dates, procedures for access, locations and so on.
    • Identifying routes for utilities and obstacles.
    • Not overestimating loads for unnecessary reinforcement of the existing infrastructure.
    • Timely submission and request of designs from the provider.

    If you are looking for some utility shifting services then SVR Electro can offer you the best service within scheduled time without burning a hole in your pocket. Along with this, we offer many other services. Just go through our services menu and let us know the services that we can offer you and help you with your work.